Tips for Organizing Your Home

No matter the size of your home, odds are you could still spend all day cleaning. Even though life tends to get in the way of secondary chores, identifying your home’s major bound-to-be-disorganized areas can help ease the clutter tension in your home and save you cleaning time.

Kitchen: With so many pots and pans and accumulated bric-a-brac, your kitchen can go from tidy to out-of-control in no time. Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy to put everything back exactly where it should go. To get back on track, take one day to strategically organize everything in your kitchen.

Take into account how often you use certain items and in what areas you use them. Keep your pots close to your stove, your utensils close to your plates; you get the picture. Divide your drawers so each item you are looking for is easily accessible. The way to win at this is to think lazy. Figure out what would be the most effortless way to go about cleaning up your kitchen and follow that path.

Closets: There are never enough hangers, there is never enough space, yet you are always adding more clothes. The trick to closets is to make sure everything stays in its place. Find ways to create divisions between your clothing items, be it drawers, hanging shoe-shelves, dividers, or boxes. The point is to make sure the proper clothes are getting appropriate hangers, and that everything else is staying out of the way.

Everything that’s out of season can be packed away. Neatly putting them away in a box can even open up space by creating a surface that you can stack things up on. Also, don’t forget your doors. Hang jewelry or shoe racks inside closet doors, clearing up more space for your other items.

Bathrooms: Last, but not least, is the never-ending disorganization that is the bathroom. With so many products and appliances, the task of organizing never seems to end. In this case, do the same as with the kitchen. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and scrubs: it all goes in the shower. If your shower doesn’t have built-in shelves, buy hanging organizers.

Use your storage space wisely by stacking towels under the sink, getting baskets to contain your lotions, perfumes, etc., and purchasing additional storage to stow away brushes, cotton balls, and other bathroom items.

Get in touch with your inner organizer and benefit from the perks of decluttering!